Invisible Shoes

Some shoes are small and easy to fill. These are smaller roles you will play in other people’s lives and require the bare minimum of time and effort. Larger roles are larger shoes, they need time and effort and there’s so much room for error. Very few roles are invisible shoes. I say invisible, because […]

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For the Friends Who Come Back

I was recently inspired to write something sanguine for once, I know you can all shit yourselves because I normally dwell on the deeper, more daunting topics in my life. Which will eventually be explained in a later blog because today is not the day for me to ruin my own positive mood. In the […]

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Finding friends.

I grew up in Colorado. I never really stayed in contact with my childhood friends but I made some real keepers when I moved to Falcon, Colorado in 5th grade. It’s comical to look back at that point in my life because I didn’t appreciate my friends back then. And no, that doesn’t mean I […]

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